How We Started

During the fall of 2018, Heather was working in Philadelphia and had to drive through the city to visit schools.  One morning on her way to work she shared her breakfast with a man asking for help at the off-ramp by her work. Over the course of that fall Heather and Andrew, the man at the offramp, shared food, books, basic necessities, and conversation. They quickly developed a friendship. Heather's favorite memory of meeting Andrew was the morning he told her, "Oh no, you're running late for work." When she asked how he knew, he laughed and told her that she always has wet hair when she is running late.  Heather keeps hot hands and pistachios in her car for herself.  As she drove throughout the city each day she found that she was sharing food and hot hands with people asking for help several times each day.  Heather frequently attends live music. She noticed that there were frequently people asking for help just outside the venues, yet as people left the concert they almost never even looked at the people asking for help and rarely had anything to share.  One night at a show Heather had an idea!  If people had something to share when they encountered people asking for help they would stop and speak to the person asking for help. Her hope was that if people shared bags they would stop to talk, and perhaps develop a friendship like she had with Andrew and there would be more people aware of the problem and working to create food and housing security for others. 

Our Mission

To create awareness about food and housing security by proving people with opportunities to commit acts of kindness. Basic Kindness is a nonprofit organization founded on the principle that a little bit of kindness can go a long way.


We create awareness about food and housing insecurity by providing people with opportunities to commit acts of kindness.  We are a community of kids and adults who want to bring more kindness into the world one act at a time.


Contact us at to learn how you can join our community. 


What We Do

Basic Kindness Bag Program - We create care packages for people living without shelter or experiencing hunger. We bring the care packages to local concerts, events, and businesses. When people are leaving they can take a bag with them so they have something to share when they encounter someone asking for help, experiencing hunger, or living without shelter.

Kids Craft Kits - In response to the pandemic Basic Kindness is proving care packages for kids sheltering in place.  We are creating care packages with literature, activity books, and crafts to keep children's minds engaged and occupied during this unprecedented time.  Contact us to learn how you can help support the Kids Kits.

Nevis Summer Academy -In partnership with Values Into Action, Basic Kindness is planning a summer learning academy in Nevis, West Indies.  Students in grade k-6 will be invited to practice literacy skills and engage in summer camp activities in an inclusive classroom.  Teachers will co-teach to learn best practices for inclusion instruction and assessment. Nevis is a special place to Basic Kindness.  When we host or operate programs in Nevis we will hold separate fundraisers. All donations from the website are used for projects in the Philadelphia region unless otherwise noted.  


Who We Are

Founder: Heather Bickely - Heather is an educator with experience in education, business, and nonprofit sectors. Basic Kindness was founded when her passion for helping people and her passion for live music collided.  When not building care packages for people experiencing homelessness or attending concerts, you can find her spending time with her family, running, or taking pictures of birds. 

Vice President of Operations: Noah Bickley - When not attending eight grade or making care packages for people experiencing homelessness, Noah can be found building his computer, skateboarding with his friends, or playing video games. 

Creative Director: Lily Bickley - Lily is a tenth grade student with a passion for horseback riding. Lily is a talented artist and uses her talent to help support Basic Kindness. 


Help Us

Help Others

  • Host a bag building event for your business or organization.

  • Hosting an event, contact us to request bags. 

  • Bring bags to a concert or local event. 

  • Shop from our Amazon wish list and help us create care packages. 

  • Donate goods or funding.